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World Ice Art CHampionships 2013

​Ice Alaska's World Ice Art Championships 

Multi Block 4 man event -Feb. 15-20th

2 Block 2 man event -Feb. 23rd-25th

1 Block 1 man event - Feb. 27 -28th

Feb.15March 2

We have been creating Fine Art in Ice together since 1999. Come see our year round gallery at

Chena Hot Springs Resort,

'The Aurora Ice Museum'.

Or let us build your dreams in Ice for your own event, however large or small.

Our Inspiration is creating Ice Sculptures that Inspire awe in the viewer, the aim for perfection in Ice. Competition gives us that platform to share our creations.

latest work

Steve's Inventing Corner-TOOLS

Brice & Brice ​

    Ice Sculptures​ 

Steve has created over 300 different tools and innovations to improve the Craft of Ice Sculpting.

Many of which are used World Wide. 

Lathes, custom shafts, specialty bits.

 Visit our 'Tools' Header for more Information

Steve is a National Ice Carving Association

Certified Master Ice Carver, and a 16 Time World Champion Ice Sculptor.

Heather Is a 7 Time World Champion Ice Sculptor.

They maintain a Year Round Ice Workshop at the Aurora Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs Resort.




Heather and Steve Brice

-Aurora Ice Museum

-Germany 2010


Ice Alaska Park Build and


​Ice Museum -Chena Hot  Springs

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